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German Made Brassards !


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I got a bunch of german made brassards which came out of an embroidery in Augsburg/ Germany. Can anyone of you tell me please what these

brassards are, were they worn with a patch on it and what time period could they be from - 1970s ? 80s ?

Thank you in advance for your help.








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3/34 Centurions was a 1st AD unit stationed in Erlangen, Gemany at some point

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SDNCO is Staff Duty NCO. That could apply to any unit from battalion level on up. Anything lower would be a CQ, or Charge of Quarters, typically at the Company level.


In most cases the SDNCO would be on duty at night or weekends along with a Duty Officer, and perhaps a runner or driver or two. They would be there in case a significant event occurred and the chain of command had to be called in. In worst case they might initiate an alert for the full unit to roll in. They were also there to maintain the peace and to make sure nothing rowdy was going on in the company area.


M/D Control I am guessing is Movement / Deployment Control. This would be worn by officers and NCO's who were directing traffic during a unit movement, making sure units and vehicles moved in the proper sequence, coordinated with the Military Police for traffic issues, etc.


CP could be Courtesy Police. Usually at the post level, Senior NCO's and perhaps an officer or two who went on a roving patrol through the "entertainment" sections of a neighboring town or village. They were there to make sure that the troops did not get too rowdy while letting off some steam.


UP is similar a Unit Patrol, at the battalion or brigade level. Similar purpose, possibly to patrol the unit area, the Enlisted clubs, possible off post as well. It just depended on the local unit.


3-34 Centurions... I would guess this was made also for a Unit Patrol.


Based on the design, I would guess some if not all of these may have been made to add a unit patch. No way to tell which patch.

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Thank you very much for your great help - I really appreciate it. Any idea which time frame they could be ?

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Here is one similar to yours but w/ a patch (ME 3rd AD c. 1968) This one is wool and it was washed.....


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