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David Minton

WWII WAVES Cruise Book

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Super excited about my latest acquisition: a WAVES “cruise book” or sometimes called a “memories book.” What made this one of special interest was it was made for WAVES Overseas Detachment Company D, comprised of around 300 WAVES bound for Hawaii, the only location “overseas” WAVES deployed to.


Company D was lead by Lieutenant Laura Rapaport, author of Once a WAVE: My Life in the Navy, 1942-1946. A good read for anyone interested in the history of the WAVES, as Rapaport was one of the first forty WAVES officers recruited in 1942, and was the last WAVE to leave Hawaii, in 1946. She retired as a Lieutenant Commander in 1946.


I assume only a few hundred of these books were printed 75 years ago. What is the chance I would find a book that included the first WAVES memoir I read?


Anyone else have any of these books? This is the first WAVES cruise book I have come across.


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