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Misc Aircraft electronics, would like to know what types of aircraft they were used in

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A few years back a friend of mine salvaged these from an airport hanger that was going to be torn down at a local airport. The company that once owed it had worked on aircraft back to the early 1950s and these items were marked US. He passed them on to me and I was wondering what type of aircraft they would have been used on.






Part 1


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I know the ARN-18 was a Glideslope receiver. When I was in the Navy (1981-2001) we still used those ARN-18 receivers in the old C-1 CODs and the NAS Norfolk station C-131s during the early 1980s. They were also used in Navy's Super Connies that were flown by VAQ-33 at Norfolk during the same time.


Pretty much used by most military aircraft made from late WW2 to the late 1950s.


The radio compass was an automatic direction finder that recieved radio signals (or continuos wave) and provided a compass heading to the signals origination. You could actually listen to AM radio while flying. WW2 to late 1950s era.






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