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Unknown patches

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Hi, could you tell me what these patches are? I got them for free recently.


I know that the Corps of Engineers Utilities patch is apparently WW2, but for what purpose exactly? Is the Anzio bar a good one (WW2?)?

I think the other is a 1st Army Group Patch, but I havent seen this variation yet... the other two patches, no idea.


Can anyone help?



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Ww1 tank Corp( green felt) , 1st army group ( red numeral one artillery), China hq's( Chinese characters), anzio went on top of third div patch,


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I don't think the Engineer patch strictly military. My guess it either used by civilian employees working for the Post Engineer on some base or it is The Army Corps of Engineers, not the branch of the Army but the civilian origination that is run by the Army that is responsible for inland waterways and flood control. It seems their main job is the take the blame after a natural disaster ( remember hurricane Katrina ).

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