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Information on replacement and school command

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I recently found a picture of my great grandfather in an army uniform with a replacement and school command patch on. I can find very little information on here with the search tool or google on who wore this patch or what exactly the replacement and school command did.


He was only in the army for 3 months in 1944 and Im assuming was injured and discharged but Id like to know who he would of been assigned to at that time and what they would of done. Most likely state side


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The Training and Schools Command transitioned to the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and was primarily responsible for the Training schools at the time. So it looks like he was in his basic branch school at the time of the photo. The HQ was garrisoned in Alabama. Some basic info below:


Created March 27, 1942 

Active 3.27.1942 - 11.1.1946 

Country United States 

Allegiance United States Army 

Branch Regular Army 

Type Command formation 

Garrison/HQBirmingham, Alabama

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