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Cpl Dominic AJ Santarone Okinawa Marine grouping

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Hey y’all, this is my first post on this forum. I’m still fairly new to this hobby, and I’m still learning.


This grouping belong to Cpl. Dominic AJ Santarone, born in Philadelphia, PA. He would enlist in the Marines on Aug 18, 1943. He would go on to serve as a PX clerk and an automatic rifleman for Co. A of the 7th Marines, 1st MarDiv. He would be amongst the first wave that landed on Okinawa. He would eventually be honorably discharged in May of ‘46. He then would re-enlist in 1953 and join MAG-33 and MABS-33. He would be discharged once again in 1954. After his service he would move out to Los Angeles, CA and get involved in the catering for various Hollywood movie crews.


The last photo is the inside of the 1953 Christmas diner menu, which included a message that was interesting to me.


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image



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Great group! Love those certificates, he sure had a wide range of experiences in the service.

GEN. David R. Atchinson- MO State Guard              ACW

PVT. John H. Drury- Co. A, 27th Ky IR                      ACW               Died of Typhoid

PVT. Henry E. Thomas- Co. I, 17th Ky IR                  ACW

PVT. Joseph E. Drury- Co. E, 356th IR, 89th ID       WWI                WIA

SGT. Edward P. Drury- 51st QM Training Co.           WWII

PFC. Delmer C. Koonter- Co. I, 142nd IR, 36th ID    WWII              WIA

SC3c Michael C. Drury- LCS (L) (3) 70                     WWII

SGT. Steven D. Koonter- 5th Cav, 1st Cav Div         Vietnam

SGT. John M. Drury- 227th AVN Bn. 1st Cav Div     Vietnam


Contact me with items from the 36th Infantry Division or any IDd uniforms of European Theater Infantry Divisions

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