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Printing FOLD3 Documents


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I am having difficulty printing documents downloaded from FOLD3. A couple of weeks ago I was able to print the Draft Cards complete on one page and the other reference information on the second page of a PDF document.


The past few days when I try the same exercise I get a page that clips off part of the Draft Card and the other information is all jumbled up when printing to a PDF.


Any one else that has an account experiencing the same difficulties?


Thanks in advance.

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Salvage Sailor

If you're using Windows, try the 'snipping tool'


HOLD Windows Key-Shift-S and the tool should come up. You will see the editing cross on your screen - do a typical cut and paste swipe and then the editing window will come up


click on the image, then save it to your desktop or folder (click on the floppy disk icon, usually on the upper right of the menu bar)


There ya go.....

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I adjust the zoom to what I want to see on screen....then use the Print screen function on my keyboard.


Open up Paint. Ctrl+V will paste the screen shot....edit in paint. Sometimes this requires some splicing of several parts together, but it lets me get the image I want.

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