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2020 Show-of-Shows: THANK YOU from the OVMS

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Well, it's over for another year. Speaking for myself, this was one of the most interesting SOS events that I have ever attended, and I have been to all but the first one. There were hiccups, of course - there will always be a few things that go haywire, but all in all, it was quite smooth from an OVMS perspective. We saw very heavy attendance. Not sure what the public numbers were yet (the office staff has yet to run the tapes and tally those numbers) but I would bet it was a record. Lots of families, new collectors, and young collectors - a real challenge to the stereotype that this is an old man's hobby.


Honestly, I think one of the major factors driving people to attend this show was the very positive buzz on the forums and on facebook. Remember this - every time you post something positive about this (or any other show), you are contributing substantially to the success of the event. Sharing the event ad, posting encouraging things, photos of the items you scored while at the event - it all adds up to happy 'buzz'. That group effort does not go unnoticed, and it is sincerely appreciated.


There seemed to be just a generally better mood at the show as well. There were a few years there when I thought we might actually run low on taser cartridges, flex cuffs, and ketamine.. but this year most everyone seemed to be on their best behavior. Sales were brisk, and the bulk of the dealer complaints were that they were so busy at their tables that they never got much of an opportunity to get away and see the show!


There are plenty of things that can be improved for future years, but if the Show-of-Shows is any indication, 2020 is going to be a GREAT year for militaria shows. If you attended - thank you. If you could not attend, but said happy things online about the show - thank you. This show was a success because of the enthusiastic support of the collecting community!




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Fantastic show.

Genuinely can’t wait for the next one...I am thankful to be able to enjoy it.




Always interested in the 166th Infantry, 42nd Division, A.E.F.

Quality WW1 studio portraits and real photo postcards of Distinguished Service Cross recipients; showing steel helmets; or other interesting content.

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One of the best shows ever. A lot of younger and new collectors there.

Thank you to the OVMS for helping keeping the hobby alive!


My new book on the History of the US Service Flag is available now- contact me directly for a signed copy





Collector of WWI & WWII Home Front Flags, Unit Flags & Guidons, US & German helmets, insignia, uniforms, medals,

Women's Military Uniforms, Wisconsin Vocational School made Fighting Knives.

Military Collectibles Shop Owner & Dealer in everything else~!


Check out our Facebook page for updates and the latest Shop news!:

Visit our website (and visit our shop if you are ever near Milwaukee, WI USA)

See what Mr.Jerry has on eBay this week:


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I thought it was a great show! I was very impressed by how many of the younger crowd i saw running around and the fact they were spending real money. I think the social media end of things, as well as forums like this are inspiring these newer collectors to come out to the shows in person. Sales were brisk the whole week for us.


I also saw more groupings and great uniforms than I ever have before. As beat as i was by Sunday morning, i would have stayed for another day or two.


Just a wonderful event all around. This hobby is full of really great people and its a highlight of my life to know so many of you !

Always looking for named items from Detroit area Vets!


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First time at the show. Saw some amazing things and enjoyed meeting the veterans the most. Have plans to attend next year armed with more knowledge and cash. Got some great stuff that i do not normally find on line and at better prices than online too.


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First time at the show and it was amazing. Thanks to the OVMS for putting this on and to the dealer’s that’s were more than helpful in answering any of my questions. Already planning next year with a couple more people in tow.



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This SOS was another outstanding event put on by the OVMS. Thank you to all ladies and gentlemen who make this happen. Only reason I haven't started putting things away for next year is because York comes first. Two shows: OVMS/MAX & Antique Arms Show, same location same weekend with some mutual advertising. Setting the stage for another banner event. With a side visit to GBurg or Amish country. See you all there.


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This was at best estimate my 18th Show of Shows and this year it was one of the best, not only did I find some interesting items but was able to have some great visits with friends from Norway, France, South Africa, Australia and the US.

No complaints from our tables, we did well in sales and had a great time searching show. Looking forward to 2021.



Looking for original photos and other items from the First World War US 77th Infantry Division.

Also interested in BAR and M1917A1 BMG related items.

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