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Bestia Oneris VMJ-3


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This patch recently sold on EBay for about $120 dollars I tried to ID it on and off for whole time it was listed.

I believe it translates to Beast of Burden. I like the Jack and ACE or JA for Jack A** (can't believe that word gets censored)

Couldn't come up with an ID. Anyone know what is?


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that was the hayday of USMC patches for sure....I have sold 4 listed on that page and have gotten 1/2 of those prices. Still, for $120 it was a steal =)


FYI, I did not see the auction.


I found the ID by taking the photo in photoshop and making the background white.


Did a google image search with this image





with: "oneris" squadron patch


in the subject line


did some digging and came up to the USMF link

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Johnny Signor

that patch is the VMJ-3 unit as described ….WW -2 Navy B-26 Marauder target towing aircraft, all yellow painted


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Johnny Signor

I thought a VM was a USMC squadron?

Yeah, My bad I posted "navy" unit and should have put USMC one …….

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