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Unknown DUI on helmet

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Somewhere in my faded memory, I think I recall seeing this insignia. For some reason, I think that it is 187th RCT and was actually an image of a closed umbrella. The 187th nickname is "Rakkasans" meaning "Umbrella Men." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/187th_Infantry_Regiment_(United_States)


I believe it was a joke for the non-jumpers in the RCT.



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A similar shape device was used on the UN ribbon to denote participation in the combat jumps.

Believe you are talking about the Assault Arrowhead Device as seen here on a original circa early mid 1952 187th RCT Korean War ike no?




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And, the ribbon on which it would go and on which it is shown is the US Korean Service Medal ribbon. The UN Korean Service Medal ribbon is the other blue and white striped one.

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