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iwo jima, the sulfur island

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today is a special day that should be forever remembered,

many years ago was the flag raising on Iwo


the surviors i knew from the Marine Corp League which I belong too, and also all the other survivors I met , they were the most wonderful persons, they came from all the branches of the services that were there. All who I know are gone. my dad, my father-in-law, and the MCL members of my detachment. I am thankful for what they did to win this island, and what they gave later on in their lives.


god bless them, the ones I knew, the ones I did not know, and the ones who made the greatest sacrifice on that island.

May all the future generations know, remember and be thankful for the sacrifices made by the greatest generation that fought for this small island.


semper fi



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Thanks for posting! I didn't realise it was the anniversary. Too bad Google didn't do a doodle in honour!

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