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WW1 YMCA War Worker's Jacket

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Now that the crashes are over, and everyone has made thier donations to keep this place up and running (you have made your donation haven't you? think.gif ) I thought I would continue this series of WW1 Women's uniforms.


First off this week we have a Women's YMCA tunic. This is the tunic for Women's overseas service. It would have had a matching forrest green skirt that buttoned down the entire front with the same brown horn buttons. The uniform was designed by Mrs Theodore Roosevelt Jr. who was head of the Paris Bureau of the YMCA. This type of uniform would have been worn in YMCA "huts" far back of the front lines, and in the YMCA sponsored rest areas such as Aix les Bains. (known to the Doughboys as "aches and pains")



The tunic itself is forrest green whip cord with a horizon blue wool collar and cap. On the upper part of the collar is an embroidered inverted triangle in red with a red embroidered "U.S." on horizon blue cloth. On the right sleeve is the Insignia of the YMCA also embroidered in red on horizon blue cloth.



The cap is very similar to a WW1 French Artillery "Bonnet du Police" minus the tassel and with the addition of a YMCA insignia in bronze.



YMCA insignia




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