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8 Day Wittnauer Clock in Housing

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Another clock question. Ihave had thi one for years but have wondered if it was military or not. It is marked 8 Day Wittnauer on the front and A-11-63 R on back. There is not data [plate like I usually see. It is also mounted in the housing you see. it is very well made with welded corners, much better than most could do. would this original to the clock?





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The clock mounting housing was used at different stations on various aircraft, bomber, navigator, Radio ect. You would have to look through some flight manuals or Dash - 1s parts lists, to determine if this was an "off the shelf" item ( Most likley it is ) or was made by the aircraft manufacturer such as Boeing, Consolidated Vultee, Lockheed, ect. Trainer aircraft such as the T-29 flying class room, would have had something like this at every training station. My refernce books and photos of the interior of that aircraft is still packed away from when I moved my office, however, the due to the large resources here, someone else may have a clear photo handy for us to see.

Just a thought, Dave




Thanks to all of those who served.

Always searching for odd or unusual items pertaining to Aircraft Manufacturing Plant #4 in Fort Worth, Texas


Consolidated Aircraft - Consolidated Vultee - Convair - General Dynamics items

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