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Capture paper from a Seabee who served on Iwo Jima


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This capture paper I won in an online auction came in today. It is from a Seabee vet who served on Iwo Jima during the battle. APO 86, as shown on the paper, corresponds to Iwo Jima, along with some other details on this unit I was able to find. Notice the wide variety of items this Seabee sent home. He was with the 62nd Naval Construction Battalion, which landed on Iwo Jima on the 24th and 25th, according to what I've found. I was able to find a document/book talking about the history of the unit and found the vet in a group photo. Unfortunately none of the items on this paper were included, and have likely long ago been lost to history. The paper itself is dated June 4th, 1945, after the battle had ended and likely when this Seabee was able to get some down time. I even found an old newspaper clipping from the vet's home town after he enlisted.

















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