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Well, as the SoS warriors are beating feet today in Louisville, myself and a buddy here in North Texas got together to lighten up our sadness on being unable to attend and did a little trading.


I have lusted after this piece for years and now it hangs on my wall. I've been collecting and looking at China blood chits for many years and have never seen one like this. It is leather and made for a Marine serving with the 11th Marines in China in 1945/46. It bears a leather USMC EGA and a leather 1st Marine Division patch. It also bears the name, rank and serial number of the owner, in English & Chinese. It measures 7 1/2 X 9 1/2 inches. It has sewing machine holes along the edges suggesting it was sewn to something, perhaps inside a blouse or jacket without a lot of wear.


If anybody has or has seen a similar one to a China Marine please comment or even better, post a pic! Semper Fi - Bobgee



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