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Bill Jack D6 flight helmet period helmet repair

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This helmet was acquired from a local helmet collector...he had a few after market parts on it, as seen on Ebay.. I am thinking it is a D-6 model





when it did not sell...we struck a deal, and I removed all the excess add on items...the helmet is just the shell, but a not so common helmet


the mic I left off to show that it is a period item based on the fading of the finish were the mic was mounted...it will go back on with period hardware...I do not think the countersunk screws are period...


But the main reason that I purchased to helmet was the sheet metal repair to the right temple....an aluminum plate with rivets...the PO had painted the repair, so I removed the paint...Some might think it a Frankenstein looking helmet...But I can see a pilot or life support tech taking this to the SM shop and asking for a patch...no doubt, based on the quality of the fit and rivet work, that this was done by a professional, and period a period repair...



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lol, true and the sheet metal repair is almost definitely out of AC 43.13 - 1B FAA Standards and Practices.

Im curious tho, as the composite repair shop could have easily repaired that crack to maintain the same

structural integrity with glass, at least where any potential impact force would have been considered.

Understood,..probably nobody available there to do the composite work at that particular time.

Nice find!

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