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753rd Tank Patch

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The patch is original, but the numbers were added in the 80s. As greendevilsix said, looked at the pinned thread about Armor Triangles, Real vs. made for Collectors


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Ditto to what they said! After all, tredhed2 was the author of that article. It is one I refer to a lot and send other collectors to it all the time. Even weeded out some of my own collection!



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Bodes- the SSI is WWII era and the numbers were added in the 1980's.


As an aside to new collectors- while it is fairly easy to identify the cheesecloth backing where the number appears on the above photographed example, BEWARE that some unscrupulous individuals have been trimming the cheesecloth backing down so that it is hard to see. ALSO, I have been seeing a fair number of these made for collector patches being sewn to uniforms and sold as originals that way.


Pay close attention to the font on the numerals and study the pinned thread closely to avoid a costly mistake.



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As the other thread details, WW2 new old stock patches were used and the numerals were embroidered.


The 1st way to tell that the numerals were added after the patch left the factory is that the top pinches in as seen by the lime green areas. Then you can look at the stabilizing material used on the reverse of the numerals and so forth.








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