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unknown blue circular patch


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Just over 1.5" in diameter. Infantry blue on twill. 1940s construction. Does not glow.


Was this a cap device where rank was fashioned on it? Was this a turning blue for infantry discs? Thanks in advance. What time period.




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I seem to remember an old ASMIC "Trading Post" article about these. The blue is for infantry and they were sewn to the o/seas cap in the same manner as a parachute cap patch. Rank insignia was then pinned on top of the circular patch. They were VERY short-lived and were pre- to early WWII timeframe.



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I think there are some pics from the '39 - '40 war games that shows these being used also. The pics are on the forum somewhere. I had a yellow colored disc at one time. Sold it at the last ASMIC convention in Portland.

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I don't know, might this be one of these Blue Cloth patches??? this on an Infantry Officer, Loren E. Davis 14th Infantry, 71st Infantry Division, Davis goes on to be awared Three Combat Infantryman Badges, WWII, Korea, Vietnam.

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