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2nd Set of Eyes for M1 Helmet Writing


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Hi Folks:


I found this US M1 helmet in a local German flea market and wanted to save it and bring it home. When I started looking for any markings in the inside visor...I found a "S" embossed on the rim but in addition that...when I started looking for the numbers...I found this "white" writing on the rim.....Name etc...which I can't make out so far.


I would appreciate any assistance in maybe reading what's written.


The helmet has one green webbing strap where the hook is and the helmet has a very shiny dark green finish.


Thank you for your help.



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Hi Folks: Well...I cleaned the inside a little more and found more white paint writing


"_ ENCE MORGA_"? "KCib"



"S" stamped on visor






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I apologize...it’s a rear-seam...I should have stated that on my initial posting. Rear-seam Schlueter...Thanks for the “S” clarification

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