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“Compress Photos” App game change

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If this has already been posted somewhere, I apologize. Ive been using Compress Photos and Pictures for a few weeks now and wanted to give a personal review.


This app makes posting pictures on here very easy. Heres how:


1. Take pictures with your iPhone or iPad.

2. Open app and import the pictures. It will show you how big they are before you start.

3. Use the slider to reduce the file size or use the default. Usually I dial down to 30% on both size and quality.

4. The best part is the app will create a folder for these reduced files. You can choose to keep original large files or have the app delete them. This is great for when you are just posting and dont need the originals anymore. Plus you still have the reduced pictures in a folder that you can use to post again if needed.


Overall this app makes posting on this and other forums better and helps you organize the photos for future use.



New Collector buying quality WW1 US Helmets, uniforms and named groupings with helmet and or uniforms.

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