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Button Hoard Found - Civil War

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I got a box full of military buttons. Spent several hours separating them into Army, USMC, and some strange anchor/Navy ones I'll post elsewhere. These seem to be Federal Eagle. I've researched these for several hours, I believe most a Civil War, but some may be Indian War period.


The one that "looks oldest" to me is the small eagle on the right, third row down. Any idea on what that is and date? Thanks.



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This gentleman’s website has a good bit of information-



Scroll down the page and you’ll see links to his research pages on civil war buttons.

Also, this forum has some very knowledgeable civil war collectors that would help.




Scroll down to the uniforms and relics forum.


I hope this helps.




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Agree most look post CW with a raised shield. "I" officer button looks CW period. Albert's button book is a good . He gives Rarity ratings not values. Along with it you should use a military button backmark book. Warren Tice put out a great book in the ninties "Uniforms Buttons of the United States 1776-1865" in 1997 with a little better photography, date ranges and backmark info. The relic site cited above is also a good starting place Civilwarbuttons.com is another great site. Both guys have been at it a long time. Finally take em to a Military/CW show.....have a dealer put his hands on them and have a good conversation. Cheers.

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Thanks for the advice on how I can learn for myself what that one, small button on the lower left is. Frankly, I'm still searching for freely available info. While it would be nice to buy 2-3 books on button collecting, I doubt this will be my solution, I'm not going to be a button collector. I just happened to find these. I was hoping someone WITH those books would help me with this one time ID.

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