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2 WWII Beauties Return From Europe. 1 US & 1 3rd Reich


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I'm working on buying this pair. My friend has a fraternity brother whose uncle served in WWII. He passed some years ago but brought back some cool stuff. I'm in the process of trying to obtain more information with the pieces. Apparently, the uncle carried the 1942 Colt. I inspected both and they look really nice. I have asked about bring back paperwork but this question confuses the family. I haven't seen them yet but there are other German items like a dagger and a sword. I know the price will be reasonable but I don't know if I will be the top offer maker. They want to shop them around.


My one question is: Does anybody know the meaning or reason the tassel was placed on the 1944 P-38? Was this something an officer would be allowed to do or is it more than likely the GI thought it would look cool? The tassel has no markings and I believe is was made of German silver / nickel silver. Yes, all numbers match on both pieces and both barrels are correct. Thoughts and opinions welcomed. Thanks



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Someone, post WW2, put the tassel on because they thought it looked cool. In reality, the tassel could interfere with switching out mags, likely at the worst possible moment. I hope you get them, Good luck.

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