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"It's a Matsuo Trading Company" USN Patch Manufacturers

Salvage Sailor

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Salvage Sailor

Aloha Everyone,


This is yet another reference topic for patches manufactured by Matsuo Trading Company of Yokohama, Japan for ships and stations of the United States Navy


Please post any examples of Matsuo Trading Company patches that you may have in the original packaging (carded) or tagged along with a loose patch if you have one.


There are not many examples of this company's work so please dig through your collection and post them If you've got them




I've seen this patch a few times over the years and now can give it a positive ID as to the Japanese manufacturer - Matsuo Trading Co. Inc. Yokohama, Japan
The patch commemorates the 300,000th arrested landing aboard the Blue Ghost in 1972 when she was "Training pilots for the Fleet" (and the skies above Hanoi), which means she made 100,000 of those landings between 1967 & 1972. If you estimate the math, that's between 70 and 100 landings per day, every day, around the clock over 5 years.
From her service history
Into 1969, Lexington operated out of her home port, Pensacola, as well as Corpus Christi and New Orleans, qualifying student aviators and maintaining the high state of training of both active-duty and reserve naval aviators. Her work became of increasing significance as she prepared the men vital to the Navy and Marine Corps operations over Vietnam, where naval aviation played a major role. Lexington marked her 200,000th arrested landing on 17 October 1967, and was redesignated CVT-16 on 1 January 1969. She continued as a training carrier for the next 22 years until she was relieved by Forrestal, and Lexington was decommissioned and struck on 8 November 1991
It would seem that Matsuo Trading had quite a few items to offer to Vietnam era servicemen beyond patches. Anyone else have any Matsuo Trading items?


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Salvage Sailor

From the web - Matsuo Trading Co, Yokohama Japan with label



Matsuo Trading Co 001.jpg

Matsuo Trading Co 002.jpg

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