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Patch Manufacturers INDEX - GEMSCO, H-H, ACE NOVELTY, SWISS TEX, etc.

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Aloha Everyone,


These are the direct links on the USMF to known Naval patch manufacturers of the 20th century with examples posted for identification by collectors and members of our forum.


SWISS-TEX, The Leonard Company, Philadelphia, PA - "It's a Swiss Tex" USN, USCG, USNS, NOAA Patch Manufacturers


GEMSCO INC, New York, NY - "It's a Gemsco" USN & USCG Patch Manufacturers


ACE NOVELTY, Tokyo, Japan - "It's an Ace Novelty" USN & USCG Patch Manufacturers


HILBORN-HAMBURGER, Passaic, NJ - "It's a Hilborn Hamburger" USN & USCG Patch Manufacturers


BETA ROYAL, New York, NY - "It's a Beta Royal" USN & USCG Patch Manufacturers


WOLF-BROWN, INC. Los Angeles, CA - "It's a Wolf Brown" USN, USCG, NASA Patch Manufacturers


SILVIO POLIDORO, Naples, Italy - "It's a Silvio Polidoro" USN Patch Manufacturers


MATSUO TRADING CO. Yokohama, Japan - "It's a Matsuo Trading Company"USN Patch Manufacturers



....and a bouns manufacturers link to Chenille patches of the 1930's & 1940's made by Sembler-Gemsco for Athletic and Sportswear by the Armed Forces and civilians


SEMBLER GEMSCO - Sembler Chenille patches made by Gemsco - Reference Topic




Ace Novelty 1961 001.jpg

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