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"It's a Wolf Brown" USN, USCG, NASA Patch Manufacturers

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Aloha Everyone,

This is yet another reference topic for patches manufactured by Wolf-Brown of Los Angeles for ships and stations of the United States Navy, USCG patches & NASA Space patches (Apollo, Skylab, etc)

Please post any examples of Wolf Brown patches that you may have in the original packaging (carded) along with a loose patch if you have one.


Many of you will be familiar with Wolf Brown Inc., as a known prolific manufacturer of WWII Ribbons, USN/USMC metal insignia, ranks & rates, USN Belt buckles, etc. What are less well known are their embroidered patches that were manufactured from the 1960's (date uncertain) to 1985 when the company was purchased by Vanguard.


Here are some examples pulled from my collection and from member posts over the last 12 years on the USMF


Iowa class Battleship USS NEW JERSEY (BB-62), Vietnam era made by Wolf Brown of Los Angeles (her homeport in 1968-1969 was Long Beach)

BB 62 NEW JERSEY 002.jpg

BB 62 NEW JERSEY 003.jpg

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