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Ideas for a Gentleman's "study" war room

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barrister bookcases were what i had lined the walls in my room, they kept the dusting down, each set from ceiling to floor could hold books, helmets, different theater of operations, branches of services, etc. they are very addicting. easy to find on craigslist, the prices have dropped , they come in all sizes, width and height, look for complete original , cannot go wrong,


semper fi

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Anybody make their man cave / war room into more of a "study"? I'm in the process of trying to make my war room more like a gentleman's study / library with a military twist. I'm thinking like antique desk, lots of books, gun / sword rack in dark wood, nice bottle of scotch out on a table with some leather chairs, etc, etc


Thoughts? Anybody out there do this? Got pics???




Your idea is what I had in mind when I was finally able to put my room together. I bought some green leather chairs, second-hand table and an old brass lamp. Except for the large bookshelves, the furniture is all from Craigslist or antique stores. You can barely see it, see it but I bought an old steel "tanker" desk as well. I am able to display most of my collection but really just wanted a comfortable/quiet place to hang out. I wanted a "museum/library" vibe. Its always a work in progress.



Bob Davis
Secretary, Arizona Chapter, The Orders and Medals Research Society
ASMIC Member #5364, OVMS Member #11939
US Army Infantry 2001-2009, OIF/OEF Veteran


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attachicon.gifimage.jpeg Every room needs a comfortable chair, this one only $17,500.


Dr. Strangelove's throne in post #15 is really quite a conversation piece for a "war room", but I'm not so sure "Gentleman's study" would make the top 500 list of descriptives for it. If you are going for the "Gentleman's" club look in your "war room", I would say a nicely displayed sword and/or an antique weapon, rifle or handgun, and no more than a few and preferably an ancestral heirloom or at least attributed with a studio portrait of the recipient, would fill the bill nicely. Women guests to the room (not a cave) will even appreciate such antiques, particularly if there is a family connection and story to the piece, rather than just saying that you grabbed it on ebay, the swap-meet, militaria or gun and blade show.


I agree with those who said, "less is better" as in uncluttered. If you're going for the "gentleman's study" look, you'll need wood bookcases for your hardcover book collection, and someplace to sit, read or entertain a guest or two, so a comfortable sofa, perhaps a pair of wing-back chairs, vintage lamps, and end tables or a coffee-table to hold a decanter of port, whiskey, bourbon, sherry, etc, or all of the above on a side table. Also suggested go for other non-militaria pieces like original paintings or vintage, nicely framed prints, etchings or engravings, a plant or two and an antique desk. Since you want to avoid direct sunlight in the room, if your wife is talented, have her make some nice drapes and a valance to dress up the window blinds that are a must for during a sunny day. Medals can be displayed safely with UV plexiglass and pinned on stretchers using fine, color fast English wool suit material, with the jump rings stitched to bear the gravitational forces and no pull on the brooch.

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My war room is in my basement. As for more of a study, with a field desk, TM's, etc., a few cold ones, and leather chairs, being replaced by canvas ones, then I am included.

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