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Philipp Baughman

Help needed: Liberation of Gelsenkirchen, Germany

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Hello everyone,


At first a few words about me. I'm a member of this forum for quite some time but have been away some time.


My name is Philipp, 34 years old from Germany and a collector of US uniforms and equipment for 17 years.


This year will be something special: My hometown Gelsenkirchen was liberated on April 9th and 10th 75 years ago. Since there are sadly no official ceremonies I took the liberty to set something in motion with my local church community.


Especially should the soldiers of the 134th Infantry Regiment and the 216th Artillery Regiment of the 35th Infantry Division.


With assistance of our Reverend and the local church archivist we're now planning for a exhibit during the Easter days and following a small permanent exhibit in our church.


Gelsenkirchen was one of the first objectives on the northern border of the Ruhrpocket.


Thanks to a great website http://www.coulthart.com/134/ I obtained unbelievable information about the 35th infantry division (which fought in Gelsenkirchen - I'll try to get in touch with the webmaster later this evening). For example the exact time of the liberation of the suburb I live in.


The outlines of the exhibit are already planned and next week we'll plan about what we are going to show. The centerpiece will be a combat medic mannequin (better no armed combat troops in church) and several pieces of equipment.


Now why I need your help?


I would love to show some pictures of GIs in Gelsenkirchen but didn't find pictures. Does anyone of you have pictures of GIs in Gelsenkirchen and can provide scans? If there's no caption on Gelsenkirchen maybe you have something about GIs of the 35th during the Battle of the Ruhrpocket?


Please feel free to PM me and you'll get my email address. Of course I'll display the pictures with your name if you like.


If someone out there has eyewitness accounts or anything else to contribute or good advice please don't hesitate. Everything will be much appreciated.


That's all for the moment. I'll let you know when there's something new and of course I'll provide you with pictures and a report.


Please feel free to let me know what you think of this project.


Many thanks




P.s.: To the admins: If I posted in the wrong section please move it to the correct one.

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