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Ecuadorian Red Tiger Stripe - US Army Special Forces used

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I received this item recently.





It is an Ecuadorian Red Tiger Stripe set with patch ghosts for an Army Special Forces advisor of some sort. I think it had a "Special Forces" tab since the top tab is significantly longer than the bottom one. The right shoulder has ghosts for a Special Forces patch but only 1 tab. Is the non-"Special Forces" tab "Airborne" or "Ranger"?






I was told that it was posted on the US Militaria Forum Facebook group before it was listed on eBay, but I cannot seem to find the original listing. Did any more information come out about this particular set? The seller I obtained it from had no further information other than it came from a deceased collector friend of his.


I know US forces trained with Ecuador's in the 80's and there are photos of this uniform being used by Ecuadorian Commandos in the Blue Horizon 1986 exercise here: http://iacmc.forumotion.com/t11301-blurry-red-tiger-stripe-uniform#95590





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If I am understanding your question right:


The airborne tab is an integral part of the SF insignia, so it wouldn't be worn without it, and is worn directly above the arrowhead of the SF shoulder sleeve insignia.


Airborne tabs are part of the unit insignia, which is why soldiers in airborne units who are not airborne qualified wear airborne tabs on their unit insignia.


Ranger and special forces tabs are qualification tabs and as such are only worn on the left shoulder.


So in your case it would have to be an "airborne" tab on both sleeves above the arrow head, and a "special forces" tab above that on the left.


By the way, nice uniform, cant be too many like that.

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That is a great set and this kind of thing happened a lot more than collectors think. I'd assume this was most likely done back in the 80s or 90s time period.

Always looking for US and foreign militaria from the Central American wars circa 1970-1990




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Would have loved to see this intact

Oh well

Thanks for posting




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