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COB Ball cap photo by By JO3 Benjamin Keller

Step into the shoes of the Chief of the Boat (COB) of a U.S. Navy submarine. Like all of his 140-man crew, he spends months at a time submerged where the sun never shines and the work never ends. But unlike the rest of his shipmates, he's the one charged with keeping the crew's complaints down and morale high. And, he must offer a strong shoulder for his Sailors to lean on whenever needed.
The COB is an integral part of the chain-of-command on Navy submarines, and his position is defined in the Commander Naval Submarine Force Instruction (COMNAVSUBFORINST) 1306 as the senior enlisted leader responsible and accountable for the performance of the submarine to which he is attached.

So you want to be a COB 001.jpg

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Gotta love that HT Hustle lol


It gets you coveralls.

It gets you new boots.

It gets you trays of fresh cinnamon rolls down in the Shipfitter shop !







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