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U.S. Service flag book coming soon!

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It has been a long and sometimes rough road, but we are finally in production for a Spring 2020 release!

Thanks to all who helped along the way!

I will post more once we have it in hand and I will have an email notification sign up sheet at the Show of Shows!







My new book on the History of the US Service Flag is available now- contact me directly for a signed copy


Collector of WWI & WWII Home Front Flags, Unit Flags & Guidons, US & German helmets, insignia, uniforms, medals,

Women's Military Uniforms, Wisconsin Vocational School made Fighting Knives.

Military Collectibles Shop Owner & Dealer in everything else~!


Check out our Facebook page for updates and the latest Shop news!:

Visit our website (and visit our shop if you are ever near Milwaukee, WI USA)

See what Mr.Jerry has on eBay this week:


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Awesome work! Congratulations.

WANTED: I collect materials of any age related to the US Army Quartermaster Corps and from the long-defunct Commissary / Subsistence Corps. Anything goes and it doesn't have to be identified to a vet. If it's weird or unusual, please PM me! ASMIC #5650

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Always looking for and buying 50's era 11th Airborne/ 187th ARCT/ 82nd Airborne tac mark painted jump helmets!



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Love of flags

Absolutely can't wait! Can't wait to come to show of shows next year. Definitely plan on having two copies. One for research and one for my collection (maybe I can talk the author of the book into possibly signing it.)


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I Collect USMC WWII uniforms, gear, patches, insignia. medals and ribbons. I also sell and trade Militaria of primarily the U.S. Military.




Semper Fidelis-

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