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"33 GIs Who Saved D-Day" Article

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I was doing some research over the weekend and stumbled across a mention of an article written by General George Marshall entitled "33 GI's Who Saved D-Day." The article is referring to a group of 33 soldiers who had been put in for the Medal of Honor for actions on Omaha beach. While none of them were awarded the medal, I believe this article was written by Marshall in the 60s recounting their story. I was hoping someone on here may have heard of the article or know where I could find it. Any help would be much appreciated.



GEN. David R. Atchinson- MO State Guard ACW

PVT. John H. Drury- Co. A, 27th Ky IR ACW Died of Typhoid

PVT. Henry E. Thomas- Co. I, 17th Ky IR ACW

PVT. Joseph E. Drury- Co. E, 356th IR, 89th ID WWI WIA

SGT. Edward P. Drury- 51st QM Training Co. WWII

PFC. Delmer C. Koonter- Co. I, 142nd IR, 36th ID WWII WIA

SC3c Michael C. Drury- LCS (L) (3) 70 WWII

SGT. Steven D. Koonter- 5th Cav, 1st Cav Div Vietnam

SGT. John M. Drury- 227th AVN Bn. 1st Cav Div Vietnam


Contact me with IDd WWII 36th Division, SSI Navy, Aviation, or Kentucky veteran uniforms.

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I had not heard of this article until someone was selling the uniform of a soldier on that list. I found it odd that the soldier whose uniform was being sold did not receive a lesser award despite the supposed Medal of Honor nomination. I, too, was unable to locate the actual article but would be interesting to run down the background of the story.




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