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Early US Army trousers, original? era? pattern?

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Good afternoon,


I am hoping some of the collectors of early cloth can chime in and shed some light on the pair of trousers described below.


The pattern is very similar to the 1854 sky blue federal trousers with straight legs, 2 vertical slash pockets and watch pocket on the waist band.


They are made of wool similar to CW / Indian Wars era trousers with partial white cotton lining. The button holes and waist band lining appear to be hand sewn.


The original buttons were sewn, but most waist and fly buttons have been replaced with newer riveted buttons.


There are no markings, except for the company stamp on the lining that reads: "Property of A. W. TAMS, Mecca Building, 1600 Brodway, N.Y.C.".


Based on a quick online search, Arthur W. Tams was a NYC-based music library company, that operated from the 1880s until 1925,when it was merged with Witmark to form the Tams - Witmark company. The A.W. Tams produced several music productions in the early 1900s, and provided costumes.


Are these original Civil War or Indian Wars era trousers? or are they a costume piece made for theatrical productions?

If military, are they sky blue 1854 pattern? or later?

Thanks for your assistance





Alex Boban - Owner of 44th Collectors Avenue, LLC


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Definitely not CW. Based on the cut they are Army Span-Am era dismounted M1885 or M1887 trousers, either with the buckle back removed (or they never had one).




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