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Camo M1 helmets


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I have one other camo helmet that I think is very unique! I bought this helmet from a young Vet of the Iraq war. He had a friend from Holland who had collected several helmets from the area. He sold this one on ebay. I got it for one bill! He said it was not paratrooper because it did not look like one (meaning the lack of the D-bail). Anyway, the helmet was period repainted with the netting painted over! It is a great looking helmet and I have thought of checking for any insignias on the side but I don't want to mess with the looks of the helmet. These photos are older. I now have the helmet with a paratrooper liner with chin cup, etc. Looks great! Makes sense that it could be from the 82nd Airborne during Market Garden!






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Flash Boredom

I found this picture in a book I just purchased, US Army Uniforms of World War II by Stanton. "...splotch-painted for local conditions on Leyte Island... November, 1944."

I wish this picture was color!



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