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Unknown fuze assembly

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Estate sale find, along with the fuze and spoon from a red smoke grenade. The body of the fuze is wider than the typical grenade fuze. Any comment much appreciated.


Thanks, Al




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The M49 trip flare is interesting, actually a small illumination grenade. Used for ambushes, perimeter defense, etc the fuze is instant, no delay. You can remove the grenade part from the assembly and pull the pin and throw if you have some need for excitement. A few years ago live ones were plentiful.post-180924-0-92613400-1581125101_thumb.jpeg

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post-180924-0-96850000-1581125213_thumb.jpeg Here is the grenade section removed from the booby trap mechanism. Know what you are doing if you decide to play with them , I found a few in a surplus store and they had no idea what so ever what they were, or that they were still live...one sits in my booby trap and Illum. section in the bookcase.....do not worry, my kids learned long ago not to " play around" with my " stuff".
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