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Lead WWI toy soldier


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Went to an estate sale today and found this WWI toy soldier. This is a very heavy lead construction. The surface is rough not a smooth surface. I believe this is an older toy and not modern but I could be wrong. The paint is vibrant and not faded. I cannot find any type of maker's mark.


Can anyone please help me figure out this toy figure? I took a chance and spent $9.00. Not an expensive chance...hahahaha!


Thank you in advance for any assistance...Kat


Toy Soldier2.JPG

Toy Soldier5.JPG

Toy Soldier6.JPG

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It’s cast iron from the Grey Iron Co. in My Joy, Pa.


The particular one you have is of more recent manufacture.


Now you need to get them all!

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Thanks for the information, I remember passing on some still tied to the display cards at one of the old Covington Ky. Drawbridge shows, wish I'd of bought some as the dealer had three cards full as I remember.

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