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.50 cal belt blanks-what are they?

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I just picked up this partial belt of WW2 dated 50 cal blanks at a local auction and already had 3 that are head stamped 82. Can anyone explain the difference in why the 82 dated ones are crimped and have the different linkage? I am not at all familiar with the type of links on the newer ones. I do have some 20mm links that appear the same also.

Thanks for your thoughts.







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I would say the three blanks and links were use for training on the m85 M G 50 cal. that was on m60 tanks Also all the blanks we use in the 1980 and later were crimped. The ww2 blank and links should work on the m2hb 50 cal but the later blank were crimped

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It is my understanding that the early blanks used a wax like substance to seal the cartridge, which fouled the weapon...GIs had a heck of a time cleaning weapons after firing blanks with the wax substance...from what I have read...


hence the crimping

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