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"National Greys" shako/helmet? plate- complete or incomplete?

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I have this "National Greys" insignia that measures 3 inches high X 3 3/4 inches wide. I've not been able to find insignia to this unit that appears to have existed in the pre-Civil War Militia in Pennsylvania, though another source suggests Washington, DC. It's quite detailed and has a lovely gilt finish with the words"NATIONAL GREYS" on a ribbon at the bottom of a laurel wreath. It has four folding wires for mounting (on something) on the reverse. It may be for a shako, helmet or other accouterment. I have been unable to find on-line any comparable insignia to this unit so am unable to determine if it is complete or incomplete. I wonder if there may be something that goes in the center such as a letter or number or some sort of insignia? Any information would be most welcome and appreciated. Thank you.


with kindest regards,




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