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3rd marine division post war and the roll of a mess sergeant

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I hope I am posting this in the right place, sorry moderators if there is somewhere more fitting.


I am wondering if someone can clarify the history of the 3rd Marine Division for me, I recently picked up a great named M41 jacket that I have been able to identify as belonging to a marine of the 3rd Amphibious Tractor Battalion, and while the jacket may have been worn on Iwo Jima the leather name tag appears to have been added post war. The tag is similar to others I have seen on the forum that came from marines in post-war China I wonder if he may have been in China also.


The only problem is that records I can find show that the 3rd division was on Guam until it was disbanded in late December of 1945. Can someone explain to me then why there seem to be examples of 3rd division marines stationed in China? This is one example that I have found on the forum in post #17: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1770-m38-and-m41-field-jackets/


Does anyone know if individuals or units of the 3rd Marine division were transferred to other units after it was deactivated meaning that he may have found himself in China under another division?




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Additionally I am wondering if anyone can explain the roll of Company Mess Sergeant, because I have tried to reserch the position and all I can find is the sparse description that it was an NCO who was in charge of meal planning and other related activities. Does anyone know if as the highest ranking NCO in the company would they have had other rolls or had any reason to be present on the Am-tracks for the Amphibious battalion?

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