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Please identify my A17 Waltham watch

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from what I recall reading years ago on a forum, A-17 specimens without the mfg. year as part of the outside engraved s/n (this 'cause a s/n should be present on the movement as well) are solely from the 1950. For example, AF-56 0123... etc.


Apparently the firm did provide the military with A-17s in three precise lots - in 1950, 1952 and 1956. Your is #47,496 that sounds a rather high one, but still without the year included. As such it should be from the 1950 production run.

As a sidenote, the model itself much likely didn't existed before 1949. Hope this can help. Franco.

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It's been a while for me as well but the case back is of an earlier watch. It is very nice. I do wonder about the rest or this watch. The hands appear to be from the earlier A-11 style or repro. It appears the radioactive(yes, I said it) lume has been removed from the dial for whatever reason.

Also, the case appears chrome as in the earlier(non- A-17) Star cases and not stainless with coarse sides as on most or all A-17s. The rust would be unusual on those cases. They are bulletproof. The crown is incorrect for a Waltham but those are quite rare(I need one as well!).

Its a very attractive watch but I would think it might be built up from parts. I would at least be suspicious as it has certainly been worked over. Remember, watches were serviced every few years but cleaning and replacing parts as part of regular maintenance wouldn't explain a cleared dial, all new hands, crown, and possibly swapped case. Any one of those, sure, but all of them done at one time without varying patina causes concern. Can you unscrew the back for us to see the movement? Where did you source it?


Before this is taken off topic by do-gooders who take every chance to warn of the proven dangers of ALL traces of asbestos, lead, and antique lume, I have not seen the removal of the often now-orangish lume to be common. It's one of the traits that make the A-17 look so iconic. I have several A-17s and several more parts watches and dials and none have had the lume removed.


Not trying to be a downer about your watch, it's a real looker, but much militaria nowadays gets the "It's good" and fewer and fewer are looking closely. This is a great chance to learn so I hope you post more info and pics.



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