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This is a new one for me...I'm suspecting a one off private alteration..but who knows...it seems to be getting some interest....

EBAY item 303463303230





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The engraving looks modern to me.

And another weird thing.... It looks like the star was epoxied onto the shield

right over the tarnish. Looks like glue seeping out on the one side.

And the pin on the back is reversed compared to usual. Its all scrated on the back surface. I do see a beverly craft hall mark. Maybe a fantasy wing ? Messed with to increase value? I also found no Rubin Schwartz israeli pilot. That doesnt meananything definitave..

Its got 12 bidders. Looks odd.

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the pin is correct. Beverly craft wings had the reversed pin. as for the rest-------------------- he offers a 30 day return so whats to loose????






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I know Beverlycraft had some interesting wings such as the "R" for radio and the "E" for flight engineer and the Instrument Instructor wing. I can't say that they didn't make it because they made alot of patriotic jewelry and pendants, but I think this was a private alteration. I like it!

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I find this wing highly suspect. The base wing is fine. Standard Beverlycraft. But that style engraving is modern and on a lot of well known "upgrade" fakes on real wings. And as pointed out, that star is crudely applied. Stay away.


Tod Rathbone
Rathbone Museum of WWII Aviation Uniforms and Insignia

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Looks like junk to me, seems poorly cast

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Looks like junk to me, seems poorly cast

Another weird thing about this is that the seller does not show any side shots of the edges. You cant tell if

there are grind marks from removng the flange because the seller never lets you see the edges.

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Fantasy piece - looks like the style of engraving that was being used by a couple of bad sellers a few years ago -

Paul Conrad
Still looking for quality wings!


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The design of this wing is not a fantasy piece. This is very early Israeli Air Force. I can't remember if this is American Volunteer pilot specific or Israeli Pilot generic, but it was worn by American Aviators flying for Israel. Circa 1947-1948-1949. I can't speak to the engraving, but the wing appears to be fine otherwise. I can't get the name to trace. Best ABN



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