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Vietnam era M1917 trench shotgun bayonet/scabbard

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On the Vietnam era trench shotgun M1917 scabbard. Was there just one maker of the scabbard? Thanks Steve

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The Vietnam era M1917 scabbards were made by several makers. First of all, there was a Beckwith scabbard made in 1945, which would have found its way to Vietnam. It has the flaming bomb on the throat.

The next one was also made by Beckwith and was marked BMCO. on the throat. Made in the 50s.

Then came the Victory Plastics one marked VPCO on the throat. This one too was made probably late 50s, early 60s.

Then came scabbards made by Bechwith/Arden, marked B.A.INC. on the throat

The last one was made by VIZ Manufacturing and is marked VZM on the thoat.


Whenever you have an American bayonet question. Go to "bayonet points" to find the answers. Google it.


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