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Droop Wing EGA Help


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I am no expert at all on EGAs so I thought someone might help ID this EGA. I recently bought a large collection of pins, medals and patches off an old friend who has been helping another friend sell off his collection. In it was a large bag of EGAs (large and small) and from what I can gather looking at this Forum most are WW2-VN vintage. This was really the only odd ball and it seems to be the droop wing or gooney bird style. What model and era and what would it be worth? It is marked H/H and has clutch backs which appear to be the early type fasteners? Thanks for any information! Jim

post-3604-0-98795600-1580079619_thumb.jpg post-3604-0-76012600-1580079625.jpg post-3604-0-38034500-1580079631.jpg post-3604-0-44669200-1580079637_thumb.jpg post-3604-0-22618100-1580079643.jpg

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Private purchase P-26, worn in the 30s. Looks like the continents are part of the globe, which would make it enlisted. H&H made these in officer and enlisted version for private purchase

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