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I recently stumbled onto the Vietnam SOG knives section of the forum found it very interesting. I retired from Navy Special Warfare in 1980 after completing 27 years of service and now living in San Diego where I operated out of during most of my Navy career. I'm not a knife collector but I do have what I believe is a Type 2 MACV-SOG knife that I acquired from a SOG operator in Vietnam in 1970. I also have a couple of Mark 2 "Marine fighting knives" that were issued to me back in the 60's. One is made by K-Bar and the other by Camillus, the original maker of the MK2. The differences between the two are subtle. I once had three of the MK2's but traded one of them for the SOG. I'm pleased to have joined the forum.

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I sent you a message (PM) with a question on a book. I hope you find the time to read the PM. Looking forward to hear from your.


Best regards


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