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The helmet came home last night...I am not sure if it is a P1A, P-2, or P-3...helmets of this era were in a constant state of upgrade...any help or opinions would be enlightening..

The boom mic was attached on the wrong side , hence it is upside down...another area of speculation...


Based on the leather O2 mask tabs, I am leaning towards a P-3



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Very interesting helmet. Black edge roll,early style jack cover and OD webbing. I have a suspension system that would match the age and condition if you are interested.The earphone cord is still present,are the earphones there or are the wires cut? If you are going to use the AN-H-15 inner helmet why keep the original comm cords. A very nice example of a hard used helmet.







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sadly no earphones...it had the style that was secured at the bottom with a drawstring, the two holes are visible for the string to pass through...the od chin strap, black edge roll, early phone holes...what is it??


she was used hard for sure...but couldn't pass on it


tried to PM you but was denied...

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Was thinking the same think Mohawk...could have been from their F51 days also..or used in one of their T6s or other hack planes used to keep up time in...

It was found during a clean out, in a closet, so there is no provenance except the name and patch/unit ID

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Tmakie...thanks for the confirmation...greatly appriciated..


The army nave store had a HB7 headset frame with the correct earphone cushions and ANB-H-1 receivers,,so they will be installed...and a suspension was sourced from 72PSB...thanks much!!! so while waiting for the suspension, I removed the boom mic and filled in the mounting holes with JB weld, the cracked lower hole was repaired and filled also...

A beat up A-14 with mic was also sourced and will be installed when complete...


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