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Ww2 usaaf a11a pilot gloves?


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Did all versions of the ww2 AAF dark brown leather a-11a pilot gloves have the elastic cuff band around the wrist area? I have a chance to buy a pair that does not have the cuffs, but it does have the three long raised thin lines/bars on the back of the palm leather. The only printed info inside the glove, at least that is visible is a "43" and maybe a few more letters/numbers but no contract info or manufacturer name/date. The gloves come with brown wool inserts, but the pics I see only show a trace of what may have been a label inside the liner cuff, a thin piece of stitched in paper type material. Aga8n, sellee says "A-11A" but there's no proof knside the end of the glove. His pics are too large to attach. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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