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New Member - My two grandpas flew in the Eighth and Seventh AF

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Hello anyone, everyone,


My name is Dave, and I'm here seeking any information on both on my grandpa's WW2 experiences. I already have tons of material on them, but I love finding more! I scanned all of their documents and pictures, and it's been an amazing journey peering into their lives back in 42'-45'.


Joseph A. Carty was a Bombardier with the 100th Bomb Group, 350th BS out of Thorpe Abbotts from Feb 44' through Aug 44'. He was on the first daylight bombing mission over Berlin by the US. Completed 35 missions and joined the Luckye Bastardes Club.


Fredrick J. Gibson flew P-39's, P-38's, and eventually P-51's with 15th FG, 46th FS and then the 21st FG, 531st FS in Canton, Makin Atoll, and Iwo Jima at various times spanning from March 43'- May 45'. He participated in the fighter missions against the Gilberts/Marshalls, and then from Iwo Jima flew the very first VLR mission over Tokyo. Proud member of The Tokyo Club.


As I said, if anyone has anything to add on the above, any pictures etc, please let me know.





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Welcome DG,


It sounds as if your GFs had some interesting history.. Nice to hear that you have scanned and recorded your family history..



"Pain is only Weakness Leaving the Body"

MSG Leigh E Smith Jr
US Army (Retired)






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