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Vintage Wood Bin.... Is This Military Related?

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Does anyone know what this may have been used for, or perhaps have seen a similar one? The picker I bought it from thought it may be military related, but I was skeptical, and just bought it because it was neat looking. Anyhow, I still dont know what it was used for, or if it is even military related. It appears to be a vintage wood storage bin/drawer. The front has alphanumeric code on it and a place to slide a tag or paper to identify what was inside. I forgot to measure it, but I think it was about 18 long x 12 wide x 10 high. The interesting aspects of this item are the decorative metal corner reinforcements and the patina. I believe this either has a heavy patina from use, or perhaps was treated with something like creosote to protect the wood. Anyhow, I believe it had an industrial purpose, perhaps to hold hardware, parts, etc., or may be even to hold ammo. Any thoughts?





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My thought as an Ordnance collector. With the FS standard ordnance yellow lettering, it may be ordnance related. Container for fuze wrenches, fuze time setting tool, Ordnance depot parts ( safety pins, fuze caps, etc. ). In Europe huge ammunition collection and ordnance depots ( ASP's) were set up in the field to repack opened ammo, clean up, repair and sort Ordnance from destroyed vehicles, abandoned battlefields.

Here is one article describing ASP's and AHA's. Many were on/ near front lines.


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