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China Horse Marine Uniform American Legation China 1934

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Here is a uniform worn by a China Horse Marine at the American Legation, Peiping, China during the mid 1930’s.

Corporal John R. Angstadt was born May 30, 1912 in Steelton, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Cora Martin Blaine and John Angstadt. After graduating from Elizabethtown High School, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, in 1931, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on May 15, 1934, at Baltimore Maryland. After Boot Camp at Paris Island, South Carolina, he was assigned to the American Legation, Peiping China. Angstadt left Norfolk, Virginia, on the USS Chalfont, sailing on September 25, 1934, and arriving at Chinwangtao, China on December 9, 1934. On his arrival at the Legation he was assigned to Company “B” Marine Detachment. Angstadt was later assigned to the Headquarters Detachment, Mounted Detachment on May 16, 1935. Angstadt served the remainder of his time in China with the Mounted Detachment. Angstadt was a member of the Post Tennis Team and played in the Peiping Chronicle Tennis League. One of the duties of the Mounted Detachment was as the Legation Military Police. Angstadt was reassigned to Marine Detachment, Detention Prison, Receiving Station, Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, Virginia, and sailed from Chinwangtao, China on the USS Henderson, October 28, 1937. Angstadt was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps as a Corporal on January 27, 1941.










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Unreal!!! This is a fantastic piece of China Marine history! I love seeing it in the book and now here. Never get tired of seeing this great history! Semper Fi


Always looking for quality WWI and WWII USMC items. Particularly 4th Marine Brigade related items, medals, uniforms helmets ephemera, Also WWII USMC items including uniforms, medals, etc. to combat veterans especially Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Iwo Jima. Let me know what you have. Semper Fi

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Plus one on one of my favorite books. Thanks for sharing what is a once in a lifetime find representing the China Marines!

I am eagerly collecting Pre-WWII USMC material. Any Marine Corps Span Am era, WWI, Banana Wars, or China Marine related material is especially sought after.




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I miss that group and wonder what else may be "out there" related to Angstadt. When I first acquired it, the fellow who purchased it said that their were some additional items that were not for sale at the estate liquidation. A couple years later I happened across his riding trophy and horse tack, so I suspect more is out there related to him.



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