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An ongoing story of returning dog tags to families

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853. Thats a special number for us. Thats the number of dog tags we currently have that were dug from around the land that was previously known as Camp Butner.


Yes, its an incredibly large amount of tags, but last month it was 854 because one was returned to the son of the 89th Infantry Division veteran who it belonged to. That amazing story was featured in a segment on the local news station and can be seen here:




And just prior to Thanksgiving, that number was higher at 856. The return of a pair of dog tags still gives me chills to think about. I had the honor to send both tags to the veteran who lost them himself. He had just turned 94 as well and was an amazing birthday present. The story of that return was in the paper and can be read at:




We have now returned the tags (and one ID bracelet) to 11 families now. I have been working with the tags for over 8 years and have put hundreds of hours into cleaning, recording the information, and researching every single one. Ive identified the units that about 1/3 of the soldiers with an overwhelming majority belonging to the 89th ID.


The photo attached here are all the tags, each store in their own envelope.


If anyone wants to follow our museum, see what weve been up to, or learn more about Camp Butner, NC, please visit http://www.Facebook.com/CampButnerSociety




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