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Fleet Admiral Halsey Uniform

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In the letter from the Navy Museum they say it’s the Order of merit from Chile...I agree the colors are in the wrong order, but not the first high ranking officer’s ribbon bar I’ve seen with the colors in the wrong order... I still believe the Alamy photo above shows the colors in the order of the coat

The Chile order of merit is sold blue, which adds to the mystery.



Always looking for uniquely marked helmets, WWI and WWII American Field Service items, WWII and earlier USMC items and named or numbered medals and medal groups.



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Thatś just one more reason why I check this website multiple times every day because I can see great militaria without leaving my house!!


Congrats, Bull was the man among many great ones during that time period. Thanks for sharing.




My hobby is my job and my job is my hobby. High School and University History Instructor




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I remember when this came up for sale, it's a real beauty. If I recall right, as Etousa stated it used to belong to a dentist/doctor, who was a personal friend of the Admiral.

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The red, blue, white ribbon being discussed is the Chile order of Merit without a doubt. I have a picture of his medals and that is the ribbon associated with it. That is a great uniform btw. So the bottom row is UK-MBE. Venezuela order of quetzal and Chile.




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